A New Beginning

March 15, 2010

Once every few years, I tell myself that I’m going to start blogging and come on here, write maybe three blogs, and then fizzle out. Thus, I say I’m back here for good – but the true test will be that fourth blog entry.

I suppose the best way to start out is to set some goals…. what I hope to accomplish or use this blog for. I think that my main goal is keep track of my projects. I am a quilter with countless WIPs and very little organization… and even less motivation to finish some of them. If I can post the finished project here though, I’m thinking that it might just give me that little boost. We’ll see though….

So far this year, I have completed the following quilts:

Abstract Squares Quilt
I made this quilt for a coworker and friend’s birthday.

Owl Quilt
And this is Jelly on the quilt that caused me a trip to the emergency room. It was the first quilt where I was stippling the whole thing… and one thing led to another and my hand slipped…. I knew immediately that I had broken a needle, I just didn’t know that the needle had stitched twice through my finger and bone… and broken off in the finger, until I looked down and saw the point of the needle sticking out of my left index finger. It’s been a month and a half now and I’m completely ok, but it was not a fun experience.

Little Squares Quilt
This is a quilt that I made for a friend on Swap-bot.com. It was also the first time I tried pebbling quilting and I really like how it turned out. Here’s a close up of the pebbling:

That’s it for now. I have a couple WIPs that I’m really excited about. Hopefully I will have them done and ready to post soon!



  1. I can’t even look at the quilts (which I am sure are beautiful, I have an example of your sewing on my desk) because all I can think about is you sewing through your finger.

  2. What beautiful quilts. Glad to hear your finger is okay. I just started blogging last fall and it certainly has helped me finish my WIPs and to start projects I’ve put off. Good luck and keep it up, you have a lot of inspiring projects.

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