Project Vinegar: We Have Mother!

March 29, 2010

Mother of Vinegar

There’s our Mother in all her slimy, pungent glory!

A while ago, I emailed the Gang of Pour about places around Metro Detroit that sell Mother of Vinegar. Dave and I had 80+ bottles of wine that weren’t great… so we thought homemade vinegar would mean they wouldn’t go to waste. We tried looking at a couple home bewing stores around us, but they told us they couldn’t sell Mother of Vinegar because of the FDA.

It turns out that Kim, of Gang of Pour, and her husband live pretty close to us and they were so kind as to BRING SOME OVER on Saturday. Seriously, how cool is that?

Mother of Vinegar Unfolded

Kim gave us a large circle of Mother. Dave and I got two two-gallon glass jars and put half of the Mother in each. Then we poured in six bottles of Amarone into one and six bottles of Cab into the other. The hope is that in three months, we’ll have some pretty tasty vinegar.

And the Mother?

Holding the Mother

It felt just like you would expect from a compound of bacteria that turns the alcohol from wine or cider into vinegar…. sorta fleshy, slimy, and not unlike raw liver.

And now I must just remember to be patient.



  1. yummers!

  2. You made it to the 6th post! I guess you’re “in it” now 🙂 I’m enjoying your posts. Keep going!!

    • Thanks Dim! And speaking of blogs, I find myself rereading your two posts (Rob Thomas, LOL!) hoping that you will be posting again soon…. I could read you for hours! Hehe.. and despite the way that just sounded, it’s not a come on. Promise!

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