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Joie and Jelly

June 23, 2010

Dave is taking a photography class this semester for fun. It has led to some really great pictures, especially of our little kitties.

Here are two of my favorites:


I love how this picture makes Jelly look very kitten-ish and innocent… two words that I wouldn’t normally use to describe her.


In this one, I love how Joie’s fur looks against the black back drop. Plus if you look directly into her eye you’ll see the reflection of the pink feathery toy I was waving like a mad woman so she would pose for the picture.

Dave and I went to Chicago last weekend and he got a lot of great shots while we were there. I just have to bug him to get them up on his flickr, so I can share them here. Hopefully it will be soon.


June VQB

June 18, 2010

Classes are done at the end of the month, so I’m hitting that end of the semester crunch time. It took me by surprise this time because the semester is only 8 weeks long.

There hasn’t been a lot of time for crafting, but I did manage to finish the June block for the VQB I’m in. This month was Kelly’s month and she chose wonky log cabins. I was really excited to make it and I like how it turned out. I didn’t have enough for a second block, so I started it and figured she could finish it when I sent it back.

Here’s what it looks like:

June VQB Block

That’s all for now.