Better Late Than Never (I hope!)

August 11, 2010

The passed week or so has been really busy. Family birthdays, finalizing wedding stuff (we have an awesome photographer now! Adam Sparkes), seeing friends from out of town (HI ANDY AND SUSANNA – THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG), and well, you get the picture.

So.. our Maker Faire pictures kinda got lost in the shuffle. We went to Maker Faire on Saturday, July 31st (ugh, now typing that out makes me realize how incredibly late on this I am). It was incredible! It was the first Maker Faire Detroit and was in the parking lot of Henry Ford (and a little bit inside, too).

Anyway, we went for the day with Jessica, Jess, Nat, and Dave F. Then later we went to a bbq at Jon and Diane’s house right by Henry Ford. It made for a long, but fun day.


3d printer
The MakerBot 3D printer.

Jess volunteering at the huge, human-size mouse trap.

Robotic Lego Chess
The robotic Lego chess set.

And my personal faves – the guys from eepybird.com were there doing a Coke Zero and Mentos show!

coke and mentos


Pictures are compliments of Dave.

August is my month for my The Bee in My Bonnet VQB. I’m already starting to get blocks back. I will post as soon as I have started putting them together – I’m really excited about how it will look!



  1. You’re welcome! It was great to see you guys!

    • Oh man, it was so much fun to catch up! Hopefully it won’t be another two years 😦

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