Real Life Journals

October 27, 2010

Look what I won!

real life journals

And how did I win it, you ask?

Jocelynn Brown writes a fun crafty blog for the Detroit News and she gives away a lot of great craft books. Basically, she’ll talk about a great book then invite you to email it with your address and why you want to win it.. and if you win.. it will magically show up in your mailbox. This is actually the third book I’ve won (I know – I’m so greedy when it comes to craftiness!). I have previously won one about copper jewelry making and one about naturally dyeing yarn. Both were awesome books, but I must admit I am super super excited about this one!

And the best part? This book came with a little “choose your own adventure” booklet in the front cover.. and it doesn’t just lead you to your eventual death! It leads you to what kind of journal might be best for your project.

Anyway, once I get through midterms and whatnot, I’m going to treat myself to some journal-making supplies. I’ll be sure to post the results here.

Also thanks for all the good vibes and kind words about Joie! She is still in the cone and on antiboiotics. They think it is probably just an infection and that she also probably has kitty OCD which only made the licking worse 😦

Joie in a cone
(photo by Dave)

Hopefully the cone will come off next week!


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