Abe Lincoln Pancake

November 19, 2010

Not much to report here.

I thought instead, I would take this opportunity to share a picture with you.

Years ago (feels weird to type that, but it’s true), in my senior year of college, I lived in a house with some friends and Dave would come to visit on weekends. One Saturday morning, Susanna and I decided to make blueberry pancakes. About halfway through cooking the pancakes, Susanna flipped one and we stared down in awe at the pan. Our little pancake bore a striking resemblance to the 16th president, Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

Realizing that we had hit the pancake jackpot (I mean who doesn’t love Abe Lincoln?), we made Dave come into the kitchen and take a picture on his phone, before carefully wrapping the pancake up and tucking it safely in the door of the freezer. We had no idea what we were going to do with the pancake, but it seemed wrong and horrible to eat it. Unfortunately, a few months later, our housemate threw the pancake out, but the picture has endured.

For comparison’s sake. Here is a picture of real Abe Lincoln:

Abe Lincoln

And here is our pancake:

Abe Lincoln Pancake

You can see it, right? It’s totally Honest Abe… with a smattering of blueberries!

That’s all. You may resume whatever it was you were doing before the Abe Lincoln pancake blew your mind.



  1. You made my day. That is all.

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