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Shop Hop 2011

February 15, 2011

Last Saturday was the annual Quilting Shop Hop in my area. What does that mean? Six quilt shops in one day! YAY! This year it was my mom, Noel (my mom’s friend from her quilting group), Luci, and me… and we hit all six in one day 🙂

We started out at Guildcrafters in Berkley (not pictured). This is our home shop and a really lovely shop.

Then we went to Monarch’s Quilts in Brighton:

Followed by The Stitchery in Howell:
The Stitchery

A quick trip to Lucy Road (because we’re nerds and wanted a picture of Luci on Lucy):
Lucy Road

Then onto Wendy’s Simple Stitches, also in Howell:

Then Linda’s Country Quilts in Davison (where Linda was kind enough to let us bring Luci inside!):

And finally Mabelena’s in Ortonville (sadly, this one was also not pictured, as we were there too late in the day to get a good picture with lighting).

Did I mention I went a little crazy? Because I went a little crazy.. and got lots of fabric, a couple patterns (one that I won as a door prize!), and some batting that I really needed. Hopefully this will be the push I need to finish some of my projects.. or at least one.

I also realized today that in one month I’ll have survived a whole year of blogging! Who would have thought? That means a giveaway is in order… so keep an eye out!


New Lens and Pie

February 10, 2011

I’m alive – I swear! I haven’t been updating because this semester has been really tiring. I won’t bore you with all the details.. but it turns out… 2 MBA classes, working full-time, planning a wedding, and having a social life may, in fact, be a near impossible feat.

Anyway, now for the fun stuff!

I got a new lens a week ago. It’s the Diana Lens from Basically it’s a plastic lens… yes, plastic! and the result is low saturation, soft blurs, vignetting, edge distortion, and light leaks. The one thing that I have read is that the harsher the sunlight the better for all of Diana’s eccentricities. I took her out on a relatively gray day, which meant no vignetting or light leaks 😦 It did mean saturation, soft blurs, and a generally dreamy quality though. Here are two of my favorite photos (both from Beverly Park near my house):

Sledding Hill

Orange Leaves

And finally, we had dinner with Jess last night at Mitchell’s Fish Market in Birmingham. It was delicious – especially dessert:

This is a single slice of Sharkfin pie. Even with all three of us working on it, we probably only were able to finish 2/3.

This weekend is the annual Quilt Shop Hop, so stay tuned 🙂