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Sur La Table

June 14, 2011

4 days until the wedding! Eek!

I could talk your ear off about the list of 58 things that Dave and I made that needs to be done, but that’s pretty boring.. and let’s be honest, if those things don’t get done, it won’t actually be the end of the world.. not even close.

A much more interesting topic is my bachelorette party! Haha. My wonderful MOH, Jess, threw me a cooking class bachelorette party at Sur La Table. (Side note: if you haven’t been to a Sur La Table be warned… that store is full of wonderful, amazing cooking things… but is very dangerous because it’s nearly impossible to leave without purchasing something).

The cooking class was SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, I’m already thinking of all the other classes I want to take there. Not only did we learn how to make delicious things and get to eat them, it was just a really fun, laid back party.

Here are some highlights (excuse the image quality, I forgot my camera and had to take pics on my phone):

My mom and Dave’s mom at the prep table.

Allison chopping candied pineapple.

Nat stirring the bread pudding.

Pat and Jess
Dave’s mom and Jess at the stove.

And the delicous food we made:

Crostini with Cranberry-Apple Chutney, Carmelized Shallots and Herbed Goat Cheese

Prosciutto-Wrapped Scallops with Balsamic Reduction

Thai Beef Skewers with Lemongrass-Mint Dipping Sauce

Bread Pudding Bites
Chocolate Chunk-Pecan Breaed Pudding Bites

Anyway, it was a really fun party and I can’t wait to make the food at home.. you know.. when I have free time again… after the wedding.. which is in four days! Eek!