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Light Bulb Terrariums

September 22, 2011

When I left my old job, I was shocked by how many bags of junk I was hauling home. True, I worked there four years… but seriously, how did I get that much junk in/on one little desk?

Now, I’m presented with a brand new desk… one that I am determined not to junk up… but also want to personalize… see the dilemma?

So far, I have a little calendar, a couple pictures, a couple magnets, and an air plant… and now I’ll have my most recent creation:

A light bulb terrarium:
(I’m a sucker for pandas…)

Since, it was a lot easier to hollow out light bulbs (though, if you try it yourself, I would highly recommend protective eye gear.. you can Google instructions) than I thought it would be, I also made a couple for coworkers:

Little elephant

Blue butterfly… and a close up:


I tried to keep it simple – hollowed out light bulb, sand, preserved moss, tiny air plant and tiny plastic animal.

Now… to keep them alive….



September 6, 2011

… and then after we got married, we skipped town to honeymoon in… Brazil!

(this one is gonna be picture-heavy, my apologies, but Dave took some great ones!)

We started in Rio:


Ipanema Beach

Then, spent a few days in a beautiful, historic town called Paraty:

Paraty Street

After Paraty, we spent a few days on Ilhabela:


(Side note: Ilhabela is a rainforest island and one of the things we did was take a Jeep tour through the jungle to a hidden beach. The Jeep tour was awesome… except for the part where I became convinced we were stuck in the movie Turistas… we weren’t thankfully).

Ihabela beach

After Ilhabela, we went to Sao Paulo:

Walking Tour
We took this picture while taking a walking tour of the city (we followed the tour the Lonely Planet laid out). Shortly after it was taken, Dave said something like, “huh, my back feels wet. Can you check it?” He turned around and there was a McDonald’s sundae dripping down the back of his shirt. Tiny peanuts and all. A Brazilian business man stopped immediately and said “oh, my friend!” He lead us to an actual McDonald’s where Dave tried to wash his shirt out. Needless to say, the next stop on our walking tour was to find a place that sold cheap t-shirts (much easier said than done).

Paulista Ave

Sao Paulo at Night

At the end of the trip, we went back to Rio for a day before coming home.

And did I mention, while in Sao Paulo, I got the best email ever? I got a new job at the University! It is a scary time to be at the University because with State funding cuts, a lot of jobs were in jeopardy. They closed 200 positions, which meant about 85 people were actually laid off. My old position was as support staff and I expected to lose my job.. my new position is in a capacity to help students with financial aid (my former office), admissions, and other student services. I’m a month into it now and so far so good. It’s a new dept, so it’s all training, but we go live October 3rd and I can’t wait! Plus, we’ve been told it has job security at least through the next school year and you can’t really ask for more than that these days.

Anyway, more later 🙂


I’m Still Here!

September 2, 2011

…. And I’m playing catch up….

And I’m married! For two and a half months now! Madness!

We couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out for the wedding:



Wedding party!

More catch up later!