Light Bulb Terrariums

September 22, 2011

When I left my old job, I was shocked by how many bags of junk I was hauling home. True, I worked there four years… but seriously, how did I get that much junk in/on one little desk?

Now, I’m presented with a brand new desk… one that I am determined not to junk up… but also want to personalize… see the dilemma?

So far, I have a little calendar, a couple pictures, a couple magnets, and an air plant… and now I’ll have my most recent creation:

A light bulb terrarium:
(I’m a sucker for pandas…)

Since, it was a lot easier to hollow out light bulbs (though, if you try it yourself, I would highly recommend protective eye gear.. you can Google instructions) than I thought it would be, I also made a couple for coworkers:

Little elephant

Blue butterfly… and a close up:


I tried to keep it simple – hollowed out light bulb, sand, preserved moss, tiny air plant and tiny plastic animal.

Now… to keep them alive….



  1. Cool! They make me think of Uncle Cactus Bear. Enjoy your new desk and being clutter-free!

    • I was just thinking of Uncle Cactus Bear! Remember when his ears grew out and he started looking like a rabbit?

  2. Cute overload! I love them. These would make great gifts, especially since I have 2 kids ready to get their first apartment. They’re looking for cute things and probably don’t have tons of time for plant care. Lol
    Thanks for posting!

    • Ooohh.. you should totally make them for your kids… or there are other really neat air plant holders that require very little care. Lots of ideas on this site: http://www.airplantsupplyco.com/

  3. These are awesome! So crafty and cute. Love it! Although I’m sure if I tried to make them, I’d likely end up somehow electrocuting myself. Trust me, I’d find a way.

    Good luck on the clutter free desk – that seems like a far away dream as I sit at my own desk covered in paper!

  4. What kind of air plant did you use? How big was the plant?
    You did a great job they are so cute.

    • Hi Michelle,
      I used an Ionantha Mexican Small in one and Latifolia in the other two. They were about an inch and a half long and an inch wide – but can be carefully pushed in bottom first.

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