Hate the name

October 29, 2011

but love the app. I’m now addicted to the Hipstamatic app. Completely.

Basically, it makes pictures you take on your phone look like they were shot with old, imperfect lenses on film slightly out of date.. in a good way, of course.


Junie, my mom’s cat, whom I’m sorta pet-sitting today.


And Luci, my mom’s dog, whom I’m definitely pet-sitting.


And, Prentis, the School of Business Admin where I take classes.


And creepy, creepy Jelly cat.


Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! I’m really looking forward to passing out candy.. now if I could just remember if my sub was doing it tonight or on Monday…



  1. I’m devoted to my Blackberry but am considering the iPhone. I hate the name too but love the cool pics. Also, true confession and I hope we can still be friends, but cats terrify me.

    • Haha, if cats terrify you, I’m honored that you keep coming back to my blog! Oh man, I used to think the iPhone was super overrated.. but then I got one.. and let’s just say, I left mine at home yesterday and felt slightly lost all day.

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