Let me catch you up….

January 3, 2012

So I started a new job in August and pretty much the rest of my life has been put on hold because I have never been this busy… ever, but not for the last week!

The major plus of working in higher ed is holiday time off. Dave and I have been off for the past week. Dave has used this time to work on our bathroom. A small leak in the shower has resulted in the need to rip out the entire shower area and rebuild it. He’s been working really hard though and is up to tiling – yay!

I’ve spent this time trying new recipes and stocking our new upright freezer… also, doing lots of laundry as our washer crapped out a couple weeks ago and we finally replaced it (someone should have warned us that being adults sucks, although almost 30, we were not prepared for this)!

And, I also spent some time reading about botulism. Here’s the thing, I’ve always wanted to can. I’ve watched longingly as friends gave away delicious and beautiful canned goods and I even invested in books and canning equipment. The thing that has always stopped me is the fear of botulism. I mean, who wants to share a creation with a loved one and accidentally kill them? So, I read these books almost cover to cover:


And, I spent a substantial amount of New Years Eve grilling a close friend about her canning habits. And… I’m not afraid anymore! And today, on my last day of vacation, I took the plunge and tried my hand at blueberry syrup.. and…


I know blueberries aren’t in season, but they were on sale and I needed something where if I screwed it up, I wouldn’t cry.

And guess what, the sound of the little metallic “ping” as the jar lids vacuum-sealed themselves is literally the best sound ever.

Anyway, hopefully there is more canning in my future and more blogging, too!



  1. Yay! I canned once, and have dreams that I’ll do it again. I canned beans (they started dried and cooked in the jar) and some vegetable stock. I’d like to buy a bunch of tomatoes from the farmers’ market and can those next summer. What I loved about my pressure cooker is that you have to sit there and count the times the nozzle wobbled per minute and that’s how you know the pressure is right. Is yours like that too? Your syrup sounds yummy! Hope you had a nice week off! Wall of text!

    • P.S. Yes we can! Haha!

      • You’re so silly 🙂 I canned using a water bath because I’m no where near ready to be put in charge of something like a pressure cooker. I was all, ‘we should have a tomato canning party!’ and then I remembered how far away we are from each other now… I totally took it for granted when we lived together 😦

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