30 by 30

January 22, 2012

My friend, Dim of Snarky Sister, has been working on her 30 by 30, which inspired me to give it a try. Her blog is awesome by the way… if you’re not reading it, I don’t know why not… and you should probably just give up now.

Anyway, I have about 13 months before I hit 30. That’s 13 months to do 30 things which I’ve put together and will list below. Many of which are food-based, things I’ve been too scared or too lazy to try, or just for fun.

30 by 30 list (in no order):
1. Graduate (seriously, I’ve been working on this thing forever and it needs to be over… now?)
2. Debone a chicken (everyone says it’s so easy… let’s hope they’re not lying)
3. Learn how to do eye makeup really well (the key there is ” really well” – I’m proficient, but I’d like to be much much better at it… then maybe I would wear makeup more than twice a year?)
4. Throw a four-course dinner party (want to come? please?)
5. Kill/cook a lobster (I’m a firm believer that as a meat-eater I should be able to kill whatever it is I’m eating. I love lobster, but have never had the responsibility of killing and cooking one… so we’ll see…)
6. Learn to cook some Indian food (love to eat it, never cooked it.. you get the idea)
7. Make jam or jelly (so that I can do #8)
8. Can jam or jelly (so I actually follow through on canning things other than blueberry syrup)
9. Completely surprise Dave with something fun (this will probably be one of the hardest because I get really excited about surprises for him and they rarely stay secret)
10. Make yogurt (Dave’s brother gave us all the things to make yogurt for a wedding gift, so I have no excuse not to make it…)
11. Make a piece of clothing that I can actually wear (and will want to wear)
12. Make a recipe journal
13. Have a guest blogger (any volunteers? you could talk about whatever you wanted)
14. Host a pig roast (I really want an excuse to buy a whole pig down at the Farmer’s Market – really really! – also, it’s probably a good thing you don’t live closer, Susanna, or pig on the pig could kill our friendship, huh?)
15. Write something substantial (I’m leaving this one kinda vague because I haven’t decided what “substantial” means yet)
16. Make ice cream from scratch
17. Master yeast bread (or at least make one really nice loaf)
18. Eat vegetarian for a week (Dave was distressed to hear this one because it probably means he will also eat vegetarian for a week)
19. Plant an herb garden
20. Get a stamp in my passport (hopefully next month!)
21. Finish a quilt project (I keep starting new ones. I should really put “finish all the quilt projects I have going right not” but I’m totally chicken.. so I’ll settle for 1 of 25)
22. Have a picnic in the park
23. Send people I love more mail (I used to send a lot of mail, but I’ve been slacking off lately and that makes me sad)
24. Make hollandaise sauce (I tried this once and it went horribly wrong)
25. Go to an apple orchard (never been before but really really want an excuse to go)
26. Bring order to the craft room (accountability! I’m writing it here so I *HAVE* to do it)
27. Make a successful souffle
28. Visit the wineries up North (we toured a few several years ago and I would love to go back and do it right)
29. Make macarons
30. Use public transportation (before you make fun of me.. bear in mind I live outside of Detroit where public transportation is the SMART bus that very few people use. I’ll either have to figure out the SMART bus schedule or visit a city that has more methods of public transportation)

So that’s my 30. I’m hoping that it’ll inspire me to blog some more, too. Here’s to hoping I get any of it done….



  1. Yesssss!!!! Good luck with all of it. I wish you better success than I had. I think I need to add #17 and #26 to my 31 before 31 list…Yay for accountability! Didn’t it feel great to write it all down? Now you HAVE TO DO IT or we will all JUDGE you!! Good luck!

    • Hahaha! Thanks for the vote of confidence… I’m hoping the fear of being judged will be a good motivator!

  2. I made a souffle once! It was tasty, but insubstantial. As in, I needed a lot more food once we had eaten it. And I went to a pig roast in California a few years ago, so I think I could handle it. In fact, they had a bike-pedal-powered spit, and I took my turn with some chickens. But good luck with the deboning chicken. Yuck! šŸ™‚

    • I’m was wondering if a souffle would be dinnerish… but thanks, I’ll keep the insubstantialness in mind. I can’t believe you went to a pig roast and pedaled chickens! Who are you??

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