Weekend Canning

March 18, 2012

From left to right: Three Citrus Marmalade, Pickled Red Onions, and Cherry, Pineapple, Orange Marmalade.

I spent a little time last weekend and a little time this weekend working on canning… and I’m officially smitten with canning. There is nothing as satisfying as that little ping of the seal and the way the food looks so bright and pretty through the glass.

And now for the official checking off the 30 by 30 list:
7. Make jam or jelly – check! I’m going with marmalade totally counts.
8. Can jam or jelly – check!

Two in one weekend! Woohoo! Although, it’s definitely a case of doing the easy ones first… I haven’t even thought seriously of organizing the craft room….



  1. I like how you refer to canning as the “easy one.” I’m too scared I’d die of botulism or something if I canned my own food, so I would push that skill to the medium to high level. You are burning through your list! Kudos!

    • Dim! I was scared about botulism, too… but then I had the hope that if there was botulism, I or whomever I gave the can to would have the good sense not to eat it… it isn’t a tested theory yet though… so there is still the chance we’ll all die of botulism…

  2. Wow! I’m impressed that you canned something. You’ve described perfectly how it nice it looks with the bright colors peeping through the class like beautiful stained glass windows. Tasty, delicious, stained glass windows. 🙂

    • Thanks, Michele! It was totally not as hard as I thought it would be 🙂 And so far no botulism 🙂

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