Quilt Giveaway!!

May 24, 2012

Ok, here’s the deal my few but loyal, lovely readers. I am hosting a giveaway. You could win this:


That’s right, I’ve made you this lap quilt (approximately 48″ x 62″), which I would be more than happy to ship to you, should you win the giveaway (and yes, I will ship internationally).

How to enter:

1. First entry if you leave a comment on this post.

2. Second, bonus entry if you leave a comment that you follow my blog.


I’ll pick a random winner on June 1st, so be sure to check back then.


Did I mention thanks for reading my blog? Because, thanks for reading my blog!



  1. Beautiful quilt! 🙂

  2. Oh and , I follow your blog 🙂

  3. I like the fabric that has shapes like eyes the best. Also I think Jelly is missing in this picture.

  4. Oh those colors were on the quilt I lost in the break up LOL 🙂

  5. I follow too

  6. Oh, this quilt is fabulous…and matches a few rooms in my house!!!!

  7. I am following you!

  8. I love the quilt!

  9. Beautiful quilt!

    And I’m sure following your blog now.

  10. What a gorgeous quilt! I am so impressed that you made time to create that beautiful quilt and are willing to share it with someone else. Nice work!

    …will you have visitation rights after you send the quilt off? 😉

  11. What a beautiful quilt! I’m following your blog and your lovely black cat.

  12. Wow I’m impressed! I really like this. Very artistic!

    Sara (vintervila)

  13. i love the quilt!

  14. i am following

  15. this quilt is awesome Julie did you do the stippling yourself?? wow

    I am also following,,

    ps your cat is tooooo cute


  16. I love your design and the way those colors pop on that light background! Fantastic!

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