Meet our newest family member

June 25, 2012

I would like to introduce our newest family member, Clover:


Many of you know that we’ve been trying to adopt a dog for a while without good luck. All that changed yesterday when we went to Pet-A-Palooza, an adoption event at the Palace in Auburn Hills. We got there and half an hour later we left with Clover, whom we had fallen in love with at first sight.

Clover is a 2-year-old, Basenji mix. She’s about 40 pounds. Here’s what else we know: She is spayed now, but gave birth in May to 9 puppies! She walks with a little limp because somewhere down the line she was shot. The high caliber bullet lodged itself in her shoulder muscle and the vet can’t remove it. She’s not in pain and she can still run; it’s just not the prettiest run you’ve ever seen.

And finally, she’s a cuddle monster. Our cuddle monster 🙂

Here’s Clover with Dave about two hours after we brought her home. Being adopted is hard work!




  1. *Squeeeeee* ohhhh she’s beautiful! Welcome home, Clover!

  2. I’m SO glad you found what you were looking for! Sorry you had so much trouble adopting in the first place, but obviously, the universe was just lining things up for you three. 🙂 In other news, Brisco peed on the floor today for the first time in a few months. Thought we’d beaten that…

    • You’re so right! It didn’t work out before because we were meant to get Clover 🙂

      Aw! Poor Brisco 😦

  3. That is one cute dog – good for you guys!! Love the name too. Have you seen “One Nation Under Dog”? It’s playing on HBO right now and will make you so sad, but so happy that you’re part of the solution (adopting). Check it out and be sure to have a box of kleenex close by…

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