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New Cat Bed

November 23, 2010

I made a cat bed the other night for my two kitties.

I made it using a wonderful tutorial posted on Urban Crunch.

The tutorial is for a dog bed, but I scaled it down for a cat bed. My finished cat bed is about 18 x 23 inches. I made it this large because I was hoping that my cats would want to snuggle on it together. They have been sworn enemies for almost 8 years now, so Dave tells me it’s wishful thinking. He’s probably right, but I’m still going to hope.

I didn’t have fleece so I cut up an Ikea pillowcase and it worked amazingly well. I didn’t have polyfill on hand (weird, I know, usually I have tons of it for my pirate sock monkeys), so I used scraps of quilt batting to stuff it. It still needs some more stuffing, but it will do for now. It was the first time I’ve ever sewn a zipper into something and far from perfect, but it get’s the job done and now I’m not afraid of trying to put a zipper into something which is huge for me.

The best part was when I set it on the floor, it was like a magnet for both cats. They love it! Dave took some pictures of them enjoying it.

Here is Jelly on the new cat bed:
Jelly on the bed

And here is Joie. She seems to like it best:
Joie on the bed


Joie and Jelly

June 23, 2010

Dave is taking a photography class this semester for fun. It has led to some really great pictures, especially of our little kitties.

Here are two of my favorites:


I love how this picture makes Jelly look very kitten-ish and innocent… two words that I wouldn’t normally use to describe her.


In this one, I love how Joie’s fur looks against the black back drop. Plus if you look directly into her eye you’ll see the reflection of the pink feathery toy I was waving like a mad woman so she would pose for the picture.

Dave and I went to Chicago last weekend and he got a lot of great shots while we were there. I just have to bug him to get them up on his flickr, so I can share them here. Hopefully it will be soon.