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Welcome to Sick Ward C

April 9, 2010

I’m home sick today…. ick. It’s a pain because Dave is leaving tomorrow for a conference in San Francisco where he is presenting an application he wrote and I want to be supportive and help him get ready… but for all intents and purposes, I’m a bit dead to the world.

I thought I would use this time to catch up on some photos that I meant to post earlier. I spent a big chunk of last weekend at my mom’s house getting ready for Easter. My mom was dogsitting the neighbor’s dog, Torres.

This is Torres.
He is a sweet dog… but sometimes he drives my mom’s dog, Luci, a little crazy.

This is Luci.

Luci had the last laugh when she played with his toys.
Luci in the Backyard

And this is my cousin, Lindsey, holding the neighbor’s cat, Fenway.
Lindsey and Fenway
Fenway lives next door, but spends a lot of his time inviting himself in at my mom’s house. He eats the food, uses the litter box, and sleeps on fresh laundry – not quite the perfect house guest…. but he did let Lindsey carry him around a bit.

In other news, I’ve sort of lost my head. I got a little caught up in the excitement of virtual quilt bees and joined one regular one and one mini one.

The regular one is The Bee in My Bonnet and it is comprised of 12 women. We’re in the process of figuring out the details and hope to start in May. Everyone in it seems really friendly and ready to create beautiful blocks.

The mini one is through swap-bot. There are only three of us and we’re sending to each other at the same time. The plan is to send a little bit of fabric and instructions on the blocks we want to each other…. then add fabrics from our stash and make four blocks for each person. I went fabric shopping the other night:

VQB Fabric

I can’t decide what kind of blocks to request! I know that I want the dark blue to frame the blocks, but.. apart from that, I keep changing my mind. I guess I’ll have to make it up pretty soon because the fabric bundles need to go out in the mail tomorrow. Eek!

In other news, I’ll be dragging my sick butt out of bed tomorrow at 4:45am to drive Dave to the airport…. yaaayyyyy.