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October Foodie Penpal

October 18, 2012

Guess what I got – if you guessed my October Foodie Penpal package from Heather at takingmysweettime then you guessed right!

Prepare to be jealous:


Let me break it down for you:

Spinach and artichoke kettle chips

Homemade spicy pretzels (so good!)

Cranberry-mango salsa

Chocolate and vanilla almond butters

Dark chocolate peanut butter cups

Strong dark chocolate bar

Almonds and sea salt in dark chocolate bar

Cherries and almonds in dark chocolate bar

Thank you, Heather! I love everything (am currently munching on the dark chocolate peanut butter cups and am in HEAVEN).

I have to apologize. This post should have posted on October 31st, but is going up a little early. Dave and I are taking off to Amsterdam and India. I’ll have lots of pictures when we get back, I’m sure.

Until then, Clover wanted to wish you a Happy Early Halloween!!



September Foodie Penpal

October 2, 2012

Huge thanks to Trish from for the awesome September Foodie Penpal package! Look at all the amazing yummy stuff she sent to me:


If you want to participate for the October Foodie Penpal, head on over to The Lean Green Bean and sign up!


Can’t write more…. must keep quilting…. one quilt top down, two to go….


5: Kill a Lobster

August 3, 2012

A while ago, I made a list of 30 things to do by the time I’m 30. I told my friend, Jess, about my list and lo and be hold she spur of the moment convinced me to check #5: Kill a lobster off my list.

A note: I didn’t add “kill a lobster” just for the sake of taking a life. As a omnivore I feel strongly that I need to respect the sacrifice the animal is making. I enjoy eating lobster and I felt that I should know how to kill and cook one to be able to appreciate the true cost of the meal.

Much like the Pig Roast – I’m not trying to say this is the “right” way to do it, but it’s the way we did it and the results were delicious.

So, here’s how we did it –

1. Jess picked up lobsters, invited us over, and promised to show me how to do everything. Dave was put in charge of the camera phone. In hindsight, we should have used a real camera – sorry on the shitty picture quality!

2. We started by putting a huge pot of water on the stove to boil. We seasoned the boiling water with lots of salt and lemon.


3. Don’t do what I did. Don’t name your lobster Phillip. Don’t do this even though it feels right. And then, don’t play with Phillip on the counter – it will only make the next steps harder. By the way, this is Phillip (isn’t he cute?… for a lobster):


4. When the water was really boiling, we picked up the lobsters by holding them firmly by the back, behind the legs, just above their tail. Even though they had been in the fridge and were sort of lethargic their tails were extremely strong and it took some focus to get them to the pot. We then lowered them quickly into the boiling water head first. This is quickest way to kill them and most humane. I was unprepared for how they squirmed and moved around even after they had been in the water for several seconds. Steel yourself for this – the water is already salted – no need for tears (in truth, I didn’t cry… but man… watching Phillip convulse was a little much after we had played on the counter).


5. We boiled the lobsters for 15 minutes – or until they turned bright red and floated to the top.


The lobsters were delicious. There was something primal and satisfying about cracking the shells and sucking out the juicy bits from the legs.


All in all, I was glad to have the experience. It was smple – not nearly as intimidating as I thought it would be. The fruits of our labor were delicious. And I think when it came down to it, I did have a better appreciation of the meal.

#5 – check!


The Pig Roast Part I: How to Get Started

July 10, 2012

Last November, Dave and I were driving to a friend’s house for dinner when we started talking about pig roasts. I’d never been to a pig roast and it had been years and years since Dave had been to one. Since there didn’t seem to be any invitations coming anytime soon, we started thinking of hosting our own.

So here is an account of how we hosted a pig roast. We’re not saying it’s the *right way* but it’s the way we did it. If you’re going to undertake it yourself, we would suggest doing as much research as possible and taking the necessary safety precautions.

To start, we obtained a 55 gallon metal drum from a friend who had the hook up from a bakery. The drum had been the home of corn syrup and needed a really good cleaning before we could do anything with it. Dave took one for the team and cleaned it out with a good dose of PBW from his beer making stash.

This is the drum:
The Drum

We then took the drum over to Dave’s younger brother, Patrick’s house. Patrick works on cars in his garage and had all the tools, including welding tools, to turn our ordinary drum into a pig roaster. Here’s how they did it:

1. They cut the drum in half length-wise using a Sawzall.
Saw It

Be smarter than we were – wear safety glasses and ear protection. Laziness like ours is not an excuse.

Not the smartest plan

2. We admired their hard work. Dave then began sanding all of the sharp edges down using an electric sander.
Half the drum


3. Meanwhile, Patrick cut 4 long pieces of scrap metal to be fitted into the bottom of the pig roaster. Dave sanded off the paint to weld the metal to the inside of the bottom half. He also sanded the edges of the scrap metal to clean off the rust. *A note on this step: we placed the scrap metal pieces halfway down the bottom of the pig roaster. We should have placed them higher to make room for the charcoal. This would bite us in the ass later. Don’t be like us, place the metal at ¾ of the bottom of the pig roaster.


4. And then the welding began! Patrick welded all the long pieces into the bottom section of the pig roast to create support for the grill. He also found a piece of pipe and welded it to the top section to create a handle.

Almost done

5. While Patrick was slaving over the welding, Dave and I ran to Home Depot where we bought three hinges and chicken wire. When we got back, Patrick welded the hinges onto both halves to connect them. And while Dave and I were contemplating how exactly we would stand up a round pig roaster, Patrick was busy cutting more scrap metal and welding away. Like magic, he created four sturdy legs for our roaster.

(Pig roaster says “FEED ME PIGS!”)

*Not pictured is the chicken wire we cut to fit the drum. We laid this across the support bars to create a grilling surface.
Stay tuned for The Pig Roast Part II – this one will contain graphic pictures of our pig before and after it was cooked. Beware.


Meet our newest family member

June 25, 2012

I would like to introduce our newest family member, Clover:


Many of you know that we’ve been trying to adopt a dog for a while without good luck. All that changed yesterday when we went to Pet-A-Palooza, an adoption event at the Palace in Auburn Hills. We got there and half an hour later we left with Clover, whom we had fallen in love with at first sight.

Clover is a 2-year-old, Basenji mix. She’s about 40 pounds. Here’s what else we know: She is spayed now, but gave birth in May to 9 puppies! She walks with a little limp because somewhere down the line she was shot. The high caliber bullet lodged itself in her shoulder muscle and the vet can’t remove it. She’s not in pain and she can still run; it’s just not the prettiest run you’ve ever seen.

And finally, she’s a cuddle monster. Our cuddle monster 🙂

Here’s Clover with Dave about two hours after we brought her home. Being adopted is hard work!




June 2, 2012

And the winner (per random number generator) is:


#9: Lori!


Thanks to everyone who entered. Lori, I’ll contact you for your address and get that quilt out to you 🙂


Quilt Giveaway!!

May 24, 2012

Ok, here’s the deal my few but loyal, lovely readers. I am hosting a giveaway. You could win this:


That’s right, I’ve made you this lap quilt (approximately 48″ x 62″), which I would be more than happy to ship to you, should you win the giveaway (and yes, I will ship internationally).

How to enter:

1. First entry if you leave a comment on this post.

2. Second, bonus entry if you leave a comment that you follow my blog.


I’ll pick a random winner on June 1st, so be sure to check back then.


Did I mention thanks for reading my blog? Because, thanks for reading my blog!