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Light Bulb Terrariums

September 22, 2011

When I left my old job, I was shocked by how many bags of junk I was hauling home. True, I worked there four years… but seriously, how did I get that much junk in/on one little desk?

Now, I’m presented with a brand new desk… one that I am determined not to junk up… but also want to personalize… see the dilemma?

So far, I have a little calendar, a couple pictures, a couple magnets, and an air plant… and now I’ll have my most recent creation:

A light bulb terrarium:
(I’m a sucker for pandas…)

Since, it was a lot easier to hollow out light bulbs (though, if you try it yourself, I would highly recommend protective eye gear.. you can Google instructions) than I thought it would be, I also made a couple for coworkers:

Little elephant

Blue butterfly… and a close up:


I tried to keep it simple – hollowed out light bulb, sand, preserved moss, tiny air plant and tiny plastic animal.

Now… to keep them alive….