October Foodie Penpal

October 18, 2012

Guess what I got – if you guessed my October Foodie Penpal package from Heather at takingmysweettime then you guessed right!

Prepare to be jealous:


Let me break it down for you:

Spinach and artichoke kettle chips

Homemade spicy pretzels (so good!)

Cranberry-mango salsa

Chocolate and vanilla almond butters

Dark chocolate peanut butter cups

Strong dark chocolate bar

Almonds and sea salt in dark chocolate bar

Cherries and almonds in dark chocolate bar

Thank you, Heather! I love everything (am currently munching on the dark chocolate peanut butter cups and am in HEAVEN).

I have to apologize. This post should have posted on October 31st, but is going up a little early. Dave and I are taking off to Amsterdam and India. I’ll have lots of pictures when we get back, I’m sure.

Until then, Clover wanted to wish you a Happy Early Halloween!!




  1. She looks so…. murdery?

    Have a GREAT time!

  2. the spinach and artichoke chips are amazing! she’s sent them to me in a couple of care packages and it takes everything not to eat the whole bag in one sitting! :o)

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